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Back pain in the kitchen

There can often be nothing less enjoyable than having to do the washing up after a nice relaxing meal but this can be even less inviting if you a...
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Golfing back pain injuries

Many people achieve great pleasure in playing golf and it is a very popular pastime. However in my clinical practice I do see some lower back, and...
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Hiking and back pain

There can often be nothing better than heading out into the mountains for some exercise and fresh air, so it's important not to let your back pain...
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Gardening: avoiding back pain whilst weeding

By Gemma Newell Nov 20 2012 | 12.18 PM
Did you find Physiotherapist Gemma's digging in the garden video useful for avoiding back pain? In the final video from her gardening series, how... more

Gardening: avoiding back pain whilst digging

By Gemma Newell Nov 13 2012 | 4.39 PM
Following on from Physiotherapist Gemma's introduction to gardening advice, this latest video includes tips for how to avoid back pain whilst in... more

Avoiding back pain whilst gardening

By Gemma Newell Nov 08 2012 | 7.18 PM
Do you worry about the effects of gardening on your back? Physiotherapist Gemma gives us an introduction on how to help avoid back pain in the her... more

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